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Shared workspace that we project by putting users at the center of the design. During the last decades, the offices have been transmitting values of the labor hierarchy also transferred to the workplace. Managers' offices were usually located on the perimeter, coinciding with the building's façade, therefore providing them with the best lighting conditions and the best views of the city.

However in Zamness hierarchies disappear. It is designed for a horizontal structure made up of small startups or freelancers. In the glazed area of the façade there are areas for rest or relaxed work and some support tables for informal meetings.

The other important point of the project is the office. A five meter long bar presides over this open space dedicated to the preparation of meals and the relationship of users, even to the organization of specific events.


Architecturally, it is a rectangular floor plan of three hundred square meters in which three volumes or boxes of ocher color have been arranged that allow the meeting rooms to be housed while also setting the rest of the space around them.

The combination of rooms with different heights and dimensions allows working in different environments throughout the same working day.

It is an office conceived to promote well-being and the relationship between the people who work in it.

Project carried out during the partner stage of Nook Architects for Zamness Spaces.


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