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Refurbishment of a listed building in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood of Barcelona.

Project selected by the FAD awards (Section for architecture and interior design, Promotion of Decorative Arts)


The premises are located on the ground floor of a residential building. From the square you can access the neighbor's staircase located in a central position of the building and it vents to an adjacent patio. The resulting room surrounds the nucleus made up of the staircase and the patio, generating a U-shaped ground floor space.

With the aim of turning it into a design office, the spatial intervention consists mainly of recovering the maximum amount of sunlight by recovering the original holes in the façade and removing all the interior partitions. In this way, the reading of the structural typology externally reflected in the façade is facilitated and the relationship between exterior and interior is enriched, substantially improving the side street: where before the street was flanked by a long blind wall, we now find three stained glass windows that reveal the interior to the walker. These new façade enclosures open the premises to the street through large wooden frames and totally transparent safety glass.

The connection of the premises with the street is recovered, seeking the fluidity of the space in an environment that combines noble and comfortable materials with the construction tradition of the beginning of the century, in line with the philosophy of the brand that will occupy the office.

Project carried out in the partner stage of Nook Architects.

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