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Neurona.Lab is the result of more than twenty years of professional experience in the field of architecture, interior design and teaching.During the last decade we have carried out projects in which we intuitively sought to achieve the comfort of our clients, through functionality, order and the materiality of the space.

We currently think that applying these principles and putting people at the center of design is the main viable way to achieve healthy spaces. Through an exhaustive analysis of the site, its surroundings and the needs of the users, we design buildings in which we apply neuroarchitecture and bioconstruction criteria to achieve people's well-being.  


Neuroarchitecture is the relationship that is established between our mind and the built environment that surrounds us. It focuses on analyzing how this environment can affect and modify emotions and behavior. Through this discipline we seek to build spaces that improve mental and emotional well-being, promoting perception and positive sensations.

Bioconstruction is based on the use of materials with low ecological impact, obtained at a reasonable cost. We seek the balanced relationship between nature and construction, creating the best possible impact on the landscape where a building is built or rehabilitated.

Croquis NeuronaLab

At Neurona.Lab we approach your project with a multidisciplinary approach thanks to a team made up of architects, designers and interior designers, in continuous relationship with geobiology, psychology and wealth management, coordinated by Ana García López.


Ana Garcia Lopez

Architect with a University Master's degree in teacher training from the  CPU. I have collaborated with several architecture studios such as Romagosa Caralt,  CPAARQS and Boquer Julià with the positions of head of work teams, responsible for project planning and construction and implementation of the ISO 9001 standard.  

In 2005 I completed the Postgraduate Program in Project and Construction Processes and established myself as a professor of architectural projects with an independent office, collaborating mainly with EC Compta Arquitectes.


In 2011 I co-founded the architecture studio Nook Architects , in which I have directed projects for ten years. In 2015 I created the Zamness co-working spaces.  

I am currently the founder of NeuronaLab and director of the Master of Interior Design at the LCI Barcelona School .  

Specialized in housing and office projects, I apply neuroarchitecture and bioconstruction criteria to obtain healthy environments.


Marcela Grassi, Del Rio Bani, Hugo Borges, Roman Ryzhko, Yago Partal.

Ester Borrego, Isidre Barnils, Anfibio, Dani Ledesma.

Francesc Gorgas,  Metric Integra, Matter Barcelona, Cosentino.

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