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The Room


Interior design project located in an old industrial building in Poblenou recently restored.


The original envelope of the premises has been recovered with its unique elements of cast iron pillars and brick vaults so characteristic of the neighborhood. A patio has been created at the back to provide the space with cross ventilation, lighting and greenery. The climate installations are carried out by means of a radiant floor system with district lime. The carpentry is of high quality, with thermal bridge breakage and glass treatment to favor solar capture and avoid it when it is annoying.

It is a mixed-use office in which work meetings, specific events and even overnight stays of its users are alternated. The rear patio offers the possibility of working on time surrounded by vegetation, to relax the working day and reduce the feeling of stress.

All spaces have flexible furniture to favor the change of use according to the needs of each moment. Rooms of different heights and dimensions have been combined to allow different types of work throughout the same day. The three and a half meters high spaces have been designed to carry out activities related to creative abstract thinking or group dynamics, while the lower volumes favor concrete thinking or individual tasks.

Project carried out during the partner stage of Nook Architects for Zamness Spaces.

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