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House of mirrors


Rehabilitation of housing in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.


The project recovers the original envelope of the house, exposing its slab of ceramic vaults and metal beams in the main spaces. The materials used are noble in nature and neutral tones, with the exception of the marble in the kitchen and bathrooms and the colored pieces that are part of the hydraulic flooring. Natural stone takes on a prominent role in the space with its strong jet color and golden betas, at the same time that it contrasts with the tones of the hexagonal pavement, so typical of the Eixample floors.

With this intervention, attentive to the recovery of materials from the envelope and the choice of contemporary and warm finishes, it has been possible to return to the house a more honest spirit with the building's construction system and more in line with current comfort and lifestyle.

Project carried out in the partner stage of Nook Architects.

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