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Project in process: reform of a duplex house in the northern sector of Collserola, Barcelona.

It is not usual to find urban homes that have an entrance patio, a terrace facing the morning sun and a back porch to take refuge from the excessively hot days of our Mediterranean climate.

From its access, the stairs allow you to go through and discover the space configured by rooms located at different heights. It is a tectonic and coherent architecture that manages to transmit emotions. Our task as architects should be to build a new home, allowing the memory of other times and places, thus creating a new setting for life.

A fascinating moment at the beginning of a project is the consultation of the municipal historical archive.

Relevant data on urban planning, on the initial purpose of the construction of the building and on its materials and construction techniques are discovered.

This building of six duplex dwellings seems to be part of a plan that was initially designed by the architect Manuel Cases Lamolla to allocate housing for the artisans of the FAD (Promotion of Decorative Arts). Its construction dates back to 1972 and its volumetry, made up of full and empty masonry work, reminds us of the resistance to the passage of time and to passing fashions when things are well done.

In the brief description of the original project we can read: "the construction methods will be those traditionally considered good." Nothing more needed to be added.

NeuronaLab project,  Ana García in collaboration with Rubén Casquero.

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