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Rehabilitation of a single-family house in Gracia, Barcelona

It is an isolated single-family house with four facades surrounded by a garden. To the initial volume, crowned by a hipped roof, adjoining spaces had been added generating a more complex volumetry. 

The existing distribution responded to a classic scheme of common spaces, delimiting a hall, an independent living room, a dining room and a kitchen closed to the rest of the rooms. Spaces segregated from each other only connected to the central zone by a service route.

The number of rooms and rooms in the house has been maintained, but secondary routes have been eliminated and the connections that link the different rooms that make up the common area of the house have been enlarged. This connection has been strengthened by unifying uses and diluting old limits, updating the general functioning of the house.

The result of the refurbishment is a home that functionally meets the needs of the new owner family and that proudly displays its original structure, modified over time. The multiple views towards the green and lush garden and also towards its interior have been enhanced, enriching the relationship between the sequence of spaces that make it up, both in plan and in section.

Project carried out in the partner stage of Nook Architects.

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