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Master Window


Rehabilitation of housing in Castelldefels.

Intervening in a house that has been lived in for more than 30 years to continue living in it is very different from doing it in a space whose history is alien to the new owners. There are usually a series of acquired customs that do not want to change and others, however, that have been profoundly transformed without the architecture having reflected it. It is the case of this project.

When the owners opened the apartment in the 80s they were a couple of teachers, 3 young daughters and the grandmother. Now, 30 years later, the retired couple lives alone. That is why they were clear that, without changing the general configuration of the floor, they wanted to give a much more appropriate use to their current life.

The house is now much brighter: thanks to the opening of the large kitchen window and the materials

Chosen in light tones and the solution of the small storage, practicality is gained, favoring the relationships between spaces that were very limited in origin.

Small big changes that adapt to the new reality of the owner couple.

Project carried out in the partner stage of Nook Architects.

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