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Project in progress: single-family house in the Cereia urbanization, Llívia, Girona.

“We all have experience identifying and valuing landscapes. We do it constantly. Our perception of nature, of the territory, even of the city, is fundamentally landscape. We understand the environment from what we see: shapes, colors, planes, distances... All of these are images that are organized in what we call landscapes. Because they are just that: sensory perceptions of the environment“.


In these excursions and previous visits we try to understand the place, to identify its geology, its materials, its architecture and the enormous respect for the landscape. On foot the environments are different than from a car or from the height of a crane.

When we make a work we interpret or describe the landscape, in some way we recreate it. During this process our reinterpretation of the territory is in tune and interacts with our sensitivity, our memory, our experience and our cultural baggage. We went from being a mere spectator to an actor in the medium in which we intervene.


Quote by Ramon Folch and Josepa Bru.

Examples of ceretan architectures.

NeuronaLab project, Ana García in collaboration with Alberto Pabón.

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