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This multi-family building located in the Barceloneta neighborhood was the last new construction project we carried out, in collaboration with Ernest Compta, before specializing in rehabilitation. The commission consisted of making thirty rental homes, most of them with two rooms.

From the beginning we set ourselves the challenge of combining two factors: the industrialization of its construction system, since it was a building in which the same typology of identical characteristics was repeated, and on the other hand the proposal of flexible housing. This second parameter was achieved thanks to the degree of indefiniteness of its spaces. Placing the kitchen and the bathroom in the central position of the house, allows the versatility of the rest of the rooms that are articulated around it.

As we did not know the profile and lifestyle of the inhabitants for whom the project was intended, we considered that the best option was not to determine the use of each room. In this way, the possibility of locating the master bedroom was offered both on the façade and inside the block.

The gratifying surprise when returning a decade later has been to see how the interpretation of the spaces by its users coincides with the approach of the original project.

The photographs show how its inhabitants personalize their home, maintaining the sequence and versatility of the uses that can be made within the same home.

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