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Building B67


Comprehensive rehabilitation of a building located in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona, consisting of six houses and a commercial premises on the ground floor.

All the houses are organized from two types that are repeated around the stairs and the elevator. Both typologies share a central service nucleus, which includes the kitchen and wet rooms. Depending on the floor where we are, the house rotates to orient the living room towards the best views. The dwellings, two first-floor dwellings, are turned onto the interior terraces, and have a large living room with an open kitchen. The four remaining houses on the upper floors rotate the scheme and orient the living room towards the street. The dimensions of the rear area are adjusted to fit two bedrooms and two full baths in the central area.

In both typologies, a structure is proposed that allows the evolution of the house in line with the user's needs over time. We propose a compact central core that contains the wetted parts, offering flexibility to the configuration of the bedrooms without reducing the functionality of the whole.

The original constructive elements of the building are exposed in the final composition, combining them with contemporary materials that enhance its particularity. In the selection of materials, a range of earthy tones has been chosen, which is established as a common thread from the entrance hall to the roof, unifying the common spaces with the more private ones.

The comprehensive intervention completely reorganizes the interior of the building to recover its exterior, improving the transition from the street to the house with an open hall, enhancing the connection with the rear terraces and, finally, facilitating access to the roof terrace by the elevator. In this way, the boundary of the home itself is blurred and allows the user to appropriate common areas that invite meeting and community life. Project carried out in the partner stage of Nook Architects.

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